St. Patrick's Day is cancelled a cause for celebration!

After an absence of two years its back! So, let’s get out there & celebrate being Irish like we did. Let’s watch the amazing floats, the kids marching, the bands playing, all with the dogs barking. Get out there and spread some cheer and hand out some branded merchandise to get eyeballs back on your brand.


It’s time to get prepared for the biggest celebration of the year! Make sure it’s your company on people’s minds by handing out custom bespoke products or throwing branded giveaways into the crowds from the floats.

Branded Hand Clapper made from PP material. Perfect for making some noise at the parade.

Available from €0.90* each for 250 pieces.

Branded Stadium Horn made from PP material. Another fantastic way to make some noise at the parades and have your logo seen.

Available from €2.15* each for 250 pieces.

Custom Cheering sticks made from PE material. Ensure your brand is seen from a distance with the large branding area available. Includes a straw for blowing them up.

Available from €1.80* for 250 pieces.

Bespoke 20mm Pin Badges made from Iron with Nickel plating. A great piece of memorabilia to celebrate the events and leave a lasting impression of your brand. 

Available from €1.00* each for 250 pieces.

Custom Wristbands made from Silicone material. A fan favorite in the promotional world & with very good reason. These wristbands are long lasting and comfortable to wear putting your brand in customers view even longer.

Available from €0.55* each for 250 pieces.

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