Phone Hug ®

The Phone Hug ® is a new Promotional Product which will work well for so many different businesses. Perfect for festivals, camping, walking, or for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, this item allows quick access to your phone. Also ideal for anyone who uses their smartphone for work and wants to keep their phone safe. Each Phone Hug ® is made from eco-friendly silicone rubber, which stretches and then reverts back to its original shape, so it can be made to fit around the top and bottom of any size phone. The tough loop at the bottom allows you to fit a carabiner, any other kind of coupling device, or to simply hang it up! Branding is done by means of Screen Printing 1 colour in 1 position and as the Phone Hug ® is made to order, you can its colour. For further information on this item and prices, please contact us directly via the Submit Enquiry button below.

* The carabiner and lanyards shown here are sold separately. 


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