Branded Bluetooth Smart Watch

Bluetooth Smart Watch

The Bluetooth Smart Watch is an intelligent, durable and lightweight promotional item, ideal for sports marketing. Press the watch’s button once for the time, twice to display the steps you have taken so far, three times for the calories you have burnt so far and a fourth to see the distance you have covered. The watch utilises a free app called Very Fit 2.0 which is available to download on Google Play and iTunes. Monitor your progress and keep an eye on the steps you’ve taken, the calories you’ve burnt, the distance you have travelled and even the quality of your sleep once the watch is paired with your mobile device. You can also use the watch as a remote to take photos and even alert you when you are being called on your mobile. It also features an anti-lost alarm a silent alarm clock which will vibrate at the set time. The watch will also sync with Apple’s Health application. USB charger included.


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