Market Segments

“Promotional products, yeah we need a few cheap pens to hand out at trade shows” Yes that is the way the industry once was, a few pens with your company name & phone number. Then it became name, number & website, then you added your social channels. Now you can just print a QR code on a pen & it opens a whole world of information up to your customers! However, there is more to promotional products than just the old cheap & cheerful plastic products at the trade show & here we’ll take a look at the different segments.

Promotional Products – Your basic staple products that you always have to hand. Every time something comes into your offices, they can leave with one of these. They typically tend to be high volume, low cost items like your plastic pens, keyrings etc.

Best selling Super Grip plastic pen


Staff thank you products – Finding good staff is hard, retaining them can be even harder. The days of a job for life are numbered & in today’s competitive job market, companies need to let their staff know that their work is appreciated & valued. In this market segment you`re looking at higher quality branded products, thermal water bottles, Bluetooth speakers etc. The product needs to reflect the esteem in which the person is held and genuinely say thank you to them.

5W wireless Bluetooth® maple wood speaker with antibacterial treatment. Double sound output for an unparalleled sound quality for a speaker this size. Has built-in microphone and conference call function. Delivered with a gift box with magnetic closure, made out of recycled paper. Rubber, Bamboo wood

Customer thank you products – Like your staff, you need to find & keep your customers. If you view your customer relationships as just an exchange of money for goods or services, trust me your competitors see it as more. Sending out a nice follow up gift, like a high end branded travel mug, is a great way to show your customer that you appreciated their business. Dedicating a small percentage of your margin towards building loyal customer relationships is a hugely worthwhile investment.

Glass tumbler protected by a recycled plastic case. The tumbler is made from 100% durable borosilicate glass which conserves the freshness of the beverage, and it does not contain any harmful chemicals. BPA-free, tested and approved under German Food Safe Legislation (LFGB). Tested and approved for phthalates content according to REACH regulations. The tumbler fits under most coffee machines. Volume capacity is 420 ml. By removing the plastic case, the item is dishwasher safe. Presented in a recycled cardboard gift box.


Trade shows – The products you`re looking for here depend on your industry & the type of customer you are dealing with. For example, in the FMCG industry which have trade shows with attendees in the thousands you are looking at your high-volume low cost promotional items, back to your old pens again! Products that everyone who visits your stand can walk away with. However, if your exhibiting yachts at a trade show in Monaco, plastic pens may not be the best for your brand! When you`re sitting down on the stand having a coffee with customers/potential customers, having them leave with a well thought out promotional gift is paramount. Perhaps upgrade the pen to something befitting of a multimillion euro yacht


The most distinguished Waterman. A black lacquered barrel, an 18-carat solid gold rhodium-plated nib and silver-plated trims all offer a truly modern look. Incl. Waterman gift box and one cartridge. Exclusive design. Lacquered.


Conferences – If you are hosting a conference, don’t waste the opportunity to remind every attendee who their host is. Brand reinforcement is vital, have your logo on every notepad, lanyard, coffee cup, pen etc. Don’t be afraid to choose a product with a novelty factor, many people at the conference are likely to be parents. If they receive an item a child might like, they will definitely be keeping it & be more appreciative of you for thinking of it. While a printed teddy bear may seem way out there at a conference for professionals, it will get noticed & more than likely kept.