How Promotional Masks Keep Your Companies’ Name on Your Client’s Lips…. Literally

Branded Face Mask

December 2020
Touch wood the vaccine will soon be here and Covid 19 will be consigned to the history books. However, that won’t happen overnight and who knows what will be “normal” in the future. Long before the coronavirus pandemic struck, Japanese people were comfortable with covering their faces, both for medical reasons and to conform with the norms of society. Who knows what Ireland could be like in 2022??

Keeping business profiles visible and in the forefront of consumer minds is what the experts at Bright Promotions do best. With that in mind we believe that branded masks are the perfect promotional product to use because they are something that everyone needs right now.

While some people would criticize the idea of using an essential product during a pandemic as a way to market, the truth of the matter is that showing that you care about your customers and providing them with an important healthcare item is never something to be ashamed of.

And since they come in a number of different types you can customize your marketing campaign around it. Between disposable, reusable, single and multi-layer and other options it is easy to find the right price and the right facial covering.

In addition to custom masks with logos there are also a few other similar items that you might want to consider as well, especially if you are planning a follow-up campaign. In continuing with the idea of wellness, such products as hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial pens. There are multiple options in the way of styles and sizes. Many popular options go on a keychain. There are also full and mini-size versions of wipes for convenient carrying.

No matter what specific items you ultimately end up using for your marketing purposes, the main thing is that it sends the right message to your clients, a good message; “Stay safe, stay healthy, and we are here for you when you need us.” And even though the focus of this article has been on staying present with your customers, these little items can also boost employee morale by reminding them that their company is thinking of them.