Embroidery Ireland

The art of embroidery is a highly skilled trade, but our Team has over 20 years of combined experience, specifically in the embroidery process and screen-printing. This is what allows us to realise your designs perfectly across a wide range of quality branded garments, bags and more.

We use state-of-the-art technology and software to transform your design or logo into a long-lasting work of art that is ready to wear. Once your design has been digitized, it will be ready for our team to precision-embroider it onto the workwear, sportswear, promotional, or corporate clothing of your choice.

Pricing is per position and based on the number of stitches required to create your design. A small logo can require as many as 10,000 stitches, while larger designs could be four or five times that. Fortunately, embroidery provides a cost-effective branding solution that is very durable.

We have a wide range of thread colours and the complexity of your branding will not impact cost, so the only limit is your imagination.

You can view our range of clothing, aprons, hats, beanies and bags that are suitable for embroidery here: https://brightpromotions.ie/clothing-range/

So how does the Embroidery process work?

Our embroidery team reviews your brand logo and images for personalising the clothing. They then digitise the image for inputting into our Tajima Embroidery machine. Tajima is one of the best and most widely used embroidery machines in the world. Good quality artwork makes a big difference in the quality of the stitching and we use the latest software to make sure it’s top notch.

We then stitch your logo on to a sample of loose fabric to check the quality of the stitching and making sure it’s good quality before embroidering the final products.

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Why Choose Embroidery?

Often an embroidered finish is a more suitable solution than screen printing. Polo shirts are usually worn at corporate functions and an embroidered crest logo looks stylish and professional. Embroidered logos are also much harder wearing so this is most often used for branding outdoor workwear or items that need to stand up to lots of wear and tear in the elements.
The only time embroidering a logo is not the best option is on something lightweight like a T-Shirt where the stitched logo will feel heavy.

Price & Quality

Embroidery vs Screen printing are usually similar in price but screen printing costs can increase dramatically with additional colours. If your logo is very complex this is where embroidery can be significantly cheaper.