Embroidered Promotional Clothing – Dress To Impress, A Lasting Impression.

Embroidery Machines

Promotional pens with a company’s logo proudly displayed on the barrel are the cornerstone of the branded merchandise industry. More often than not you’ll have a pen in your hand with a company website and phone number printed on it, with no idea of where you came by the pen. That is part of what makes printed pens so effective as a marketing tool, as they are relatively inexpensive they get easily passed around and reach more eyeballs.

An often overlooked promotional tool is personalised clothing, a shirt with a logo embroidered on it, or a T-shirt brightly printed across the back. These items essentially turn the wearer into a moving billboard for your brand. With branded clothing choosing the right garment and printing method is paramount. A cheap badly cut ill fitting item might be begrudgingly worn by the recipient while at work, however it will never see the light of day beyond the confines of their workspace. On the other hand a stylish good quality garment not only presents your brand in a more professional light, it will often be worn outside of work, where it will be seen by the greater public.

When it comes to the decoration of clothing, embroidery is often the best method. Embroidering is the craft of applying designs to an item through the use of needle and thread. Unlike printing whereby the artwork is essentially stuck on top of the garment, embroidery means the decoration essentially becomes part of the garment. It isn’t subject to fading overtime and if expertly done it won’t wear or come off over time under normal treatment. Modern machines have up to 12 needles per head so producing full colour logos is not as price sensitive as more traditional methods such as screen printing. Also the vast array of thread colours available mean that pantone matching of company logos is easily achievable. Additionally technical threads have been developed with metallic finishes, flocked effects or even a high visibility effect when light is shone on them.

With the never ending stream of Zoom calls and meetings brought about by the Covid pandemic, now is the perfect time to get shirts and polo shirts embroidered with your company logo, so your brand is clearly displayed during your next presentation.