At BrightPromotions we have our own multi-head embroidery machine here in Ireland as well as our own inhouse screen printing set up.
We can custom embroider anything from Custom Beanies to Bags, hoodies, Jackets, hats, shirts and more.
Please review our full clothing catalog below. All items are suitable for customisation and branding:
What’s the difference between embroidery and print?
Custom embroidery is usually more popular for Corporate clothing or hard wearing items. It also looks better on certain items like a Beanie hat or Jacket. It is stitched straight into the fabric and is much more likely to last for longer than a screen printed design, which is printed on top of the fabric. One of the issues with screen printing is that the design can eventually crack, especially if the clothing is washed a lot.
What is an embroidered logo?
Embroidery refers to clothing that has a pattern or logo stitched into its fabric. Printing is when a design or logo is printed directly onto the garment.
An example would be catering aprons with logo.
Can you get a logo embroidered?
Yes, of course. We use special software to vector and digitize your logo before using our special embroidery machines to embroider it onto the clothing.