Branded Drinkware – Quenching Your Promotional Thirst

Branded drinkware is a much loved favourite in the world of promotional products. Practical, reliable and multi-use, branded bottles and mugs are great value for your marketing budget and make sure your brand is seen on that crucial desk area. They also make an excellent gift to give to your loyal customers, visitors and staff. The large print area they often offer means your logo is clearly visible, also their perception as a high value item means that the recipient tends to hold onto them.

The sector has seen huge innovation in recent years from the humble plastic sports bottle, through to sleek & stylish flasks that can keep beverages warm or cold for up to 8 hours. Additionally, the variety of lids for travel mugs and bottles in particular, has expanded exponentially. Traditional lids, carabiners, push top, built in straws and flip tops are all options, one of which is sure to suit your needs.


Traditionally when one thinks of bottles or travel mugs, plastic is the material that often comes to mind. Now the range of materials is quite extensive and sees many eco friendly options available. Glass, Bamboo, Wheat & Straw Fibre, Coffee Husk and recycled plastic such as PLA (poly-lactic acid) which is an 100% bio-based alternative for conventional plastics (it is made from fermented plant starch which is free of toxics and carbon neutral) are all commonly used materials

The most recent innovation in the sector has been the advent of anti-microbial materials used in the construction of items. Manufacturers add the patent protected Biomaster antimicrobial technology in the manufacturing process. This provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms on the surface of your mug. This is effective for the lifetime of the product, and does not affect the recyclability of the mug, which can still be branded with your company details.